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What our students have to say - Professional Accountancy Training

"I began studying with PAT in September 2018 as part of the first cohort of Springboard Students to undertake the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business in Ireland. From the outset, Gerry and the team have been nothing but supportive and helpful. It was apparent from the very first class that PAT's one true aim is for its students to be the absolute best that they can be: bene, melior, optime. The material is brought to life by the passion of the lectures, and their ability to convey knowledge using real-world examples, energetic classes and humour. Think accountancy training is boring? Not here. It’s anything but."

Siobhán Maher
ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business

''I started studying ACCA many years ago and then had a long break as my professional career progressed. I never thought I would be back until a colleague recommended PAT to me. I tried tuition before and it didn’t work for me the way I expected so was a bit unsure. I decided to give ACCA another go and signed up to Audit and Assurance class with Terry. I passed on the first sitting and then followed with Strategic and Business Reporting class with Gerry which I passed on the first attempt. The guys are inspirational with bespoke materials and fantastic approach. They are also very committed to getting you passed with almost daily personal mails and updates. You are never left alone without knowing what the next steps are. Take a look at their pass rates and you will see that their approach is working extremely well! I can’t recommend them highly enough!''

Pawel Krezlewicz
Irish Water

''Before studying with PAT, I received many recommendations to go to Gerry for FR and SBR – “You have to go to Gerry” were the exact words.

Every learning provider will tell you they are exam-focused and student orientated to support you during your ACCA exams and even though I’ve heard and seen this message from learning providers, I experienced it first at PAT despite FR being my seventh ACCA exam to sit.

From day 1 we looked at exam questions, we knew the level that we had to be at to pass FR from the word go. Gerry has the ability to connect with his students, build confidence and give you the tools to smash exams and get the results first time.

PAT is a community of support and now it is me saying “You have to go to Gerry” to colleagues and friends doing ACCA. Thank you for your patience, knowledge and belief.''

Niamh O'Reilly
Corporate Services Financial Analyst
Intel Corporation

"I heard about PAT from a work colleague and it's proven to be the best bit of accounting advice that I have ever received. I did the tax course with Stephen and he's absolutely first class. His commitment to his students and his knowledge of the course is second to none.

Tax is a subject that I previously struggled with. Stephen's method of teaching the course along with his continuous assessment approach proved to be invaluable. His ability to distill down an enormous subject in bite size pieces of information is remarkable. You won't find a better tax lecturer.

"Follow the plan, trust in the process, and you'll be in the best position to pass the exam", they said - and they were right!"

Cian Holland
Revenue Analyst
Airbus Financial Services

"I just wanted to thank Terry Lawless for preparing me to pass AA. I can't believe I got 79%!!! I am the happiest person ever!!! I wouldn't achieve this without Terry’s lectures, time, approach and notes.

Terry is the best lecturer in the world."

Ewa Bryla
ACCA Applied Skills Student

"Mr Gerry Fahy has been an inspiration and by far the best lecturer I have ever had, I would have never passed the SBR exam without his ethos, encouragement memes and technique. His outstanding organisational skills and delivery skills led to covering all the relevant topics of SBR.

As a result of my success I am continuing to study with PAT the last three ACCA Exams I have left - this gives me great confidence I will pass.

A very positive experience that I would highly recommend to others."

Cristina Iancu
ACCA Strategic Professional Student

"I studied SBR and Advanced Audit & Assurance with Gerry Fahy and Terry Lawless for the June 2019 exam session.

Their exceptionally exam focussed methods and their genuine enthusiasm for their subjects maximise students chances of passing these papers.

In addition, their concise notes and positivity were of huge help. Quite simply, if you follow their respective plans, you are all but guaranteed to pass!

I would strongly recommend PAT to all ACCA students."

Lochalann Egan
Advisory Services
Grant Thornton

We take great pride in our students' success. Whether you are a returner or a new ACCA student, here at PAT you will find the support you need to pass your ACCA exams with confidence. See below for more success stories from PAT students and alumni.

"I took Gerry's FR class for the December 2019 Exam Session. I had heard about PAT & Gerry’s teaching style and approach from former classmates.

Gerry’s stepped approach to questions will give you confidence going into the exam. He is with you every step of the way with plenty of encouragement. Make no mistake you will have to put the effort in, but if you follow Gerry’s steps and believe in yourself, you will get over the line.
I would highly recommend PAT & Gerry to anyone hoping to pass FR. You will have “No Regrets” on results day."

Jonathan Hayden
Senior Staff Officer, Finance
South Dublin County Council

''I decided to study P2/SBR with Gerry for the December 2017 exam after he had been highly recommended by friends, however still with Gerry's encouragement and support I still felt overwhelmed by the contents of the course so I decided not to sit the exam in December after going to all the lectures.

I then decided to retry the exam again in the June 2019 sitting with Gerry again as I felt encouraged by his lecturing style and support in 2017. However, during the lectures, I felt again very overwhelmed and scared that I might actually fail the exam.

I told Gerry about my fears and yet again he was very encouraging and told me not to let my fears get the best of me. I told him I was just going to go for the exam to have a feel for it but will probably have to resit it again, regardless I continued with the studies to the very end.

I watched and listened to Gerry's recordings after lectures and during the weekends and followed his working plans. I got the result today and got the shock of my life when I saw PASS, I couldn't help it - but to keep smiling.

I will always recommend PAT to any ACCA students looking to complete their studies!''

Juliana Llesanmi
OTC Derivative Associate

''I just want to thank Gerry Fahy for willing to put your time and effort into us with his SBR teaching. I just followed Gerry's method in order to pass my SBR exam in June 2019.

Guys, if you are willing to give your time to Gerry - he can get you those MAGIC MARKS!!!!
His method and encouragement will drive you to pass the exam. What an unbelievable journey it has been in Gerry's class - which I will remember forever.

I will always recommend PAT to ACCA students looking to complete their studies!''

Louis Lee
Malaysian International Student

Student Testimonial - Professional Accountancy Training

"Gerry is undoubtedly the one of the best lecturers/people I’ve had the pleasure of coming across throughout my professional life. His unwavering enthusiasm and methodical approach makes even the most challenging of subject matters far more digestible than any online resource can provide. Thanks to Gerry’s ability to seamlessly integrate the computer-based approach into his teaching practices, it made for a very familiar setting on the day and I was able to pass the SBR exam first time as a result in March 2020, which was the inaugural sitting on the professional level CBE’s. What’s perhaps more impressive and one of the key aspects that sets Gerry apart from other lecturers, is his genuine desire for all students to do well. Whether it be through daily emails of confidence reaffirmation in the form of inspirational quotes, or through his ability to be on a first name basis with virtually all students by the end of lecture 1. I could not recommend Gerry and his Professional Accountancy Training colleagues highly enough to anybody who is looking to complete the ACCA qualification."

Conor Corrigan
Planning & Pricing Specialist
Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland

"I can’t say enough how highly I recommend PAT and Gerry Fahy as a lecturer. His study technique is very different but brilliant.

Gerry really puts an effort into his teaching which also made me want to learn and equally put in as much effort as him, from daily/weekly study plans, inspirational quotes and lots of mock exams I really think it all helped to pass first time. He was by far the most motivational lecturer I ever had.

Studying SBR with PAT was honestly such a positive experience and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to study SBR."

Sinead Maguire
ACCA Strategic Professional Student
Central Bank of Ireland

''What can I say about Gerry and PAT? Gerry is an absolute professional and goes above and beyond what is required by a lecturer.

I've completed both F7 and SBR with Gerry and he is there every step of the way with you motivating, pushing you and making you be the best you can be.

I'll miss his short stories in class as they always give me a smile and laugh but they somehow feed into topic of the day and I'm sure I picked up a few percent from them. The little motivational snippets Gerry sends are great when times get hard and for me they helped keep my focus.

PAT are all about students passing first time. This is the priority and it's why I achieved over 60 in both exams with Gerry and why PAT smashes global averages every quarter.
I've 2 exams left and these are both with Terry and I'm very confident I'm in good hands to pass both first time.

For anyone serious about getting ACCA qualification I would highly recommend PAT.''

Graham Curran