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‘I had been referred to Gerry by a friend and I enrolled in his SBR course as an online participant as I was based out of Vancouver. I can safely say it was the best possible decision I could have made. Though I was working from a completely different time zone the online access to the notes and recording of lectures made everything seamless.

I had not studied financial reporting since college as I had exemptions and was apprehensive that I might not be able for the exam. I can safely say without the brilliantly structured learning plan and constant bits of advice on how to squeeze every last mark out of every question, I would not have passed. 

In each lecture the topics were referred back to real life scenarios which made learning so much easier and Gerry hammers into you a very formulaic approach to everything so that you can have a certain amount of marks in the bag before you even begin. 

Besides the course content Gerry seems to be available 24/7 and is constantly pushing and motivating you to keep you on track. I could not speak more highly of this course and would recommend it to everyone whether you are going for first in the world or just trying to scrape a pass’.

David O Sullivan  – SBR December 2018


‘Just wanted to write to you guys in PAT to thank you for guiding me through my final 2 ACCA papers ( P2 in June 2018 & P7 in December 2018 ) with 65% and 73% respectively. 

I am delighted to say that I have now become an ACCA affiliate and the early mornings/late nights are now all worth it.  

I have been based in Chicago for the last 18 months, and was delighted to hear that I could watch your recorded classes back, as the time zone differences meant it was impossible for me to watch them live. This, along with your continuous offering of support and motivation were key factors in my ability to gain the appropriate materials, exam techniques, and confidence in order to pass these exams.

Gerry, your 5 step technique for P2 (SBR) is something that gave me great confidence, and almost a feel good factor in the exam, and helped me get into my rhythm for completing the rest of the paper. This technique is a master-plan for all future students and your success speaks volumes.

Terry, the level of detail you go into, in your exam technique , and the guidance you provide throughout the 3 month period was brilliant. I started the lectures a number of week’s late due to changing roles and getting up to speed, and the guidance on what we should have completed by what stage was fantastic for me – so as to give me a guide as to where I should be.

I would highly recommend all future ACCA students and fellow colleagues to go to Professional Accountancy Training for their tuition. Of all exams I have completed –  this is by far the best tuition and support I’ve received  – and I wasn’t even in the same continent!!”


”Just passing to thank you guys for the support given to me to achieve a successful SBL result.

Especially, Terry who is an incredible lecturer and equipped us very well (students) in such a short period to prepare for this exam. Definitely, your approach to revision really helped by doing mocks and to receive personal feedbacks.

It was my last exam. So, I am delighted that I am done with all ACCA exams. But I will be recommending your College every time I have an opportunity.

Taking this opportunity to wish your College all the best and success”.

Jocilene Reis, SBL – December 2018


”I just wanted to email quickly and say thanks very much not only over the past couple of months with AAA but also having past F8 and P1 with you also.

Absolutely delighted this morning with 72% in AAA. Done and dusted with the exams now.

Your teaching techniques are undoubtably the reason I passed my exams comfortably over the past few sittings. You provide such dedication to all your students consistently and you personally were a major drawback after I moved on to every ACCA exam for this reason. (I would have sat advanced tax if you were teaching it)!!

I feel you have the art of passing any of the ACCA exams down to a fine tee. I always listened to your advice during the lectures and took any of your valuable feedback on board whenever you had given it and use it going forward. You really broke down the content and made it so coherent and manageable.

The lectures were great also, because I honestly never minded going down to your lectures either in the evening or over the weekends as you kept them interesting, while having a fixated view on exam technique and answering questions.

From what I had learnt in F8, I brought forward to the professional exams and thankfully never had to repeat any of my exams as a result.

Going forward, I will 100% be recommending PAT to any potential ACCA students I am speaking to and speaking of the dedication you provide to students trying to pass their exams.

I wish PAT and yourself the very best for the future.

Again, thanks for everything”.

Niall Smith, AAA – December 2018


”Absolutely delighted with my results. Passed first time thanks to the GF method. 

Gerry is by far the best lecturer I had the pleasure to meet. He will make you work hard, but he gets results”.

Diane Cristie – F 7 December 2018


”Gerry’s approach is strict and straightforward. He’s got notes for the chapter and exam questions to test yourself, all in one pack. The key to passing SBR is attendance and homework.

A few weeks before the exam I went through past questions and used Gerry’s notes to answer them.

After failing f7 twice with 49% and finally passing the third time round (with a different college) I was surprised I passed SBR first time round with a solid 50% while studying with Gerry.

Also, it’s important to test yourself with mock exams in his class, as it opened my eyes of how unprepared I was!! 

Thanks Gerry”.

Paula Bitinaite – SBR December 2018


”Truly shocking news – I got 60%!!

I just wanted you to say a big thank you for all the work you put in during the last 6 months of getting me to believe in myself and the tips on how to pass the exam. 

I had no idea what I did” in the exam, but I did only what you said in your classes – and the results are here!!

Once again THANK YOU for all your inspirational words and daily quotes which kept us motivated.

I’m very disappointed that I will never get to go to another one of your classes again.

YES, I DID – and of course with you – everyone can do it”.

Ali Akber Mufaddal  – SBR December 2018


”Just a quick email to thank you Gerry for all your help with P2/SBR. I passed with 53%!!!

I had an exemption for F7 and I was worried that I wouldn’t be up to scratch to deal with SBR. However, Gerry is an amazing lecturer and his notes and exam technique/preparation put me at ease.

This approach to the class will help you be well prepared for the exam – all you have to do is stick to the plan and follow his method. I found the December 2018 sitting very difficult, but I didn’t panic during it and I just stuck to the GF method and it worked!!

It just proves the exam is doable with GF. I can’t recommend Gerry enough for SBR!

Thanks again for all your help”.

Peter Lynch – SBR December 2018


”Impending exam results – doom” – this was the title of the email I sent to Gerry a few days before exam results as I was sure I had failed SBR and wanted some advice on what my next steps should be.

Having exemptions from most of the F papers, I was terrified of SBR due to my lack of assumed knowledge, but Gerry assured me it would not be a problem.

Gerry’s plan made all the difference. I left most lectures disheartened as I felt like I hadn’t grasped each concept discussed. I spoke with Gerry on numerous occasions as I felt like giving up, but he was always at the other end of the phone or classroom telling me to not give up and to stick to his plan!

After getting 13% in the mock exam (three weeks before the exam) I had practically given up, but then a motivational message from Gerry would pop up on my email ending with STICK TO MY PLAN.

So, I took his advice, I stuck to his plan and last night I got my results – PASSED with 69%.

Gerry’s plan is MAGIC!!!”.

Siobhan Brown – SBR December 2018


”I studied SBR with Gerry and I’ll never regret it: he is a great lecturer and thanks to his continuous support I have passed this “beast” of ACCA paper that is SBR. He knows how to explain difficult or tedious topics in a helpful way that keeps you interested. 
Gerry’s exam technique never fails and guides you all along the way, giving you the necessary steps to build the knowledge that will bring you to succeed in the exam. You won’t need to use other books or extra material, Gerry will provide you with everything you need to pass the exam.
I would always recommend Gerry for F7 and SBR ACCA papers because apart from passing the exam, you can also learn some financial reporting as well”!
Irene Torres Garcia – F7 June 2018 and SBR December 2018



February 1, 2019

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