Gerry’s plan made all the difference -
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Gerry’s plan made all the difference

Impending exam results – doom” – this was the title of the email I sent to Gerry a few days before exam results as I was sure I had failed SBR and wanted some advice on what my next steps should be.

Having exemptions from most of the F papers, I was terrified of SBR due to my lack of assumed knowledge, but Gerry assured me it would not be a problem.

Gerry’s plan made all the difference. I left most lectures disheartened as I felt like I hadn’t grasped each concept discussed. I spoke with Gerry on numerous occasions as I felt like giving up, but he was always at the other end of the phone or classroom telling me to not give up and to stick to his plan!

After getting 13% in the mock exam (three weeks before the exam) I had practically given up, but then a motivational message from Gerry would pop up on my email ending with STICK TO MY PLAN.

So, I took his advice, I stuck to his plan and last night I got my results – PASSED with 69%.

Gerry’s plan is MAGIC!!

Siobhan Brown SBR December 2018