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Terry Lawless


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Terry Lawless


Terry Lawless is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and has extensive Financial Services experience; having worked for leading Irish financial institutions for many years.
It is this knowledge of how to pass and give the examiner exactly what they are looking for that Terry structures his lectures around. His lectures are focused on exam technique, incorporating the crucial areas of syllabus knowledge, question practice and time management, giving students all the tools they require to achieve exam success. The results speak for themselves: 15 of Terry's students have received 1st in Ireland in ACCA exams over the last 6 years.

Experience & Qualifications

Terry has considerable lecturing experience having delivered various papers in both professional and undergraduate qualifications with a number of Approved Learning Partners.
Having completed all of his ACCA exams between 2007 and 2009, he achieved remarkable results himself, receiving worldwide placings in several ACCA papers.

Top Placed Students

Dec 2019 ACCA SBL - 1st in Ireland / 2nd Worldwide - Lochlann Egan

Dec 2018 ACCA AA - 1st in Ireland / 2nd Worldwide

Dec 2018 ACCA AAA - Joint 1st in Ireland / 10th Worldwide

Dec 2016 ACCA P1 - 1st in Ireland / 5th Worldwide - Sam Malone

June 2016 ACCA F8 - 1st in Ireland / 6th Worldwide - Colm Culhane

June 2016 ACCA F8 - 2nd in Ireland / 7th Worldwide - Aiva Sutkeviciute

June 2016 ACCA P1 - 1st in Ireland / 7th Worldwide - Emer Skelly

June 2016 ACCA P1 - 2nd in Ireland / 10th Worldwide - Finola Campbell

June 2016 ACCA P7 - Joint 2nd in Ireland / 10th Worldwide Ana - Maria Avadanei

June 2016 ACCA P7 - Joint - 2nd in Ireland / 10th Worldwide - Niamh Morrissey

Dec 2015 ACCA P1 - 1st in Ireland / 2nd Worldwide - Justina Corcoran

Dec 2015 ACCA P1 - 3rd in Ireland / 9th Worldwide - Nurfarah Aliah Mohd Radzuan

Dec 2015 ACCA P7 - 1st in Ireland / 12th Worldwide - Paul Carrigg

Dec 2015 ACCA P7 - 3rd in Ireland / 14th Worldwide - Christine Casey

June 2015 ACCA F8 - 1st in Ireland / 9th Worldwide - Grazyna Klimek

June 2015 ACCA F8 - 2nd in Ireland / 11th Worldwide - Ana Maria Avandei

June 2015 ACCA P3 - 1st in Ireland / 8th Worldwide - Nurul Hafiza Yusof

June 2015 ACCA P7 - 2nd in Ireland / 7th Worldwide - Derek Murtagh

June 2015 ACCA P1 - 3rd in Ireland / 13th Worldwide - Peter Duffy

Nov/Dec 2014 CIMA P2 - 1st in Ireland / Joint 1st in the world - Paul Cunningham

Nov/Dec 2014 ACCA P1 - 1st in Ireland / 5th Worldwide - Rebecca Palmer

Nov/Dec 2014 ACCA P1 - 3rd in Ireland / 10th Worldwide - Christine Casey

Nov/Dec 2014 ACCA P7 - 3rd in Ireland / 17th Worldwide - Deborah Greene

May/June 2014 CIMA P2 - 3rd in Ireland - Rob Anderson

May/June 2014 ACCA P1 - Joint 1st in Ireland / 9th Worldwide - Reinhard Dutter

May/June 2014 ACCA P1 - Joint 1st in Ireland / 9th Worldwide - Alina Sareikaite

May/June 2014 ACCA P1 - 3rd in Ireland - Sarah Lowe

May/June 2014 ACCA P7 - 2nd in Ireland / 15th Worldwide - Barbara Przybylska-Borychowska


"I just wanted to thank Terry Lawless for preparing me to pass AA. I can't believe I got 79%!!! I am the happiest person ever!!! I wouldn't achieve this without Terry’s lectures, time, approach and notes.

Terry is the best lecturer in the world." 

Ewa Bryla, AA Dec 2019

"I passed AAA with 66 marks and this is an unbelievable result for me. The only person I can thank for this is Terry Lawless. I wish I knew about Terry's course earlier as I was struggling with this subject for a few years. I am very thankful to Terry for providing such an excellent course and guidance."

Danute Zilbere, AAA Dec 2019

"I passed the AAA exam with 53 percent and I just cannot thank Terry Lawless enough for his contribution, all the help and the effort he puts in with correcting our papers, his handwritten exam answers, practice sessions etc.

I attended Terry’s AAA and SBL classes and I passed both at first attempt. Thank you so much Terry." 

Upasana Handa, SBL June 2019 and AAA Dec 2019

"I sat AAA with Terry in December 2019 and his classes were absolutely brilliant and after many attempts with other tuition providers, I finally got the AAA exam. I have now completed all my ACCA exams and am an Affiliate!!
Thanks so much."

Rosie Soffer, AAA Dec 2019

”I’ve done my AA, AAA and SBL with Terry and I cannot recommend him enough. He went above and beyond to ensure that his students achieve excellent results.  
English is my second language and I had to brush on my writing skills. I could have gained a PHD in waffling but Terry’s techniques helped me to complete my ACCA journey.
I failed AAA before and I decided to do it from fresh with Terry and his AAA techniques are absolutely brilliant. Listen to him because he has years of experience and he knows what he is saying.
SBL was the last paper that I sat in September 2019 and I am now very happy to say that I am now an affiliate all thanks to Terry’s exam techniques. Do those Application Workshops and the mocks because it is best to do those mistakes now instead of doing it on the exam day. They will help you to improve your techniques.
ACCA exams aren’t easy but if you put the time and the effort in it you cannot go wrong unless all everything goes against you on the day. If you don’t dedicate time to your assigned subject Terry cannot do magic. You’ll only achieve what you put in it. However, with Terry’s exam techniques, tips and your hard work you will get there too. Terry is extremely approachable and has a wealth of experience. He is also very understandable to people circumstances and I cannot recommend him enough. Don’t think twice he is the Lecturer to go to.  ”
Koumila Jordan – September 2019.


''I enrolled for Terry's P1 class in December 2017 and what I received was world class tuition & support from a brilliant lecturer.

Right from the word go the end goal was always on exam day and this was obvious with the materials supplied and the exam focussed homework set on a weekly basis.
One of the things I liked about Terry is the constructive feedback received from him which was always designed to get you back on track. I definitely feel in terms of exam structure & approach that these key skills were developed & enhanced following attending Terry's classes.

I would strongly recommend to any ACCA student to consider Terry as a lecturer. The exam pass rates achieved are testament to the dedication and commitment shown by Terry towards his students''.

Barry McPadden, December 2017


''I’ve studied two subjects with Terry since September 2017 and cannot recommend him highly enough. Before going to Terry, I had struggled with the transition from undergraduate to professional exams.

In professional exam situations, I was finding it difficult with the application of the knowledge I had gained from class and my own study to the exam scenario.

From the very beginning in P3, Terry was so focused on demonstrating how to answer exam questions. He spent time in each class giving us time to read exam questions, plan answers and we were then provided with his own exam standard written answers. These proved invaluable to me in my preparation and revision in the lead up to the exam, as it allowed me to see what the required standard was in order to pass P3.

Terry has a relaxed approach but is always very professional and I found him to be extremely approachable and helpful throughout''.

Niamh Hammond, March 2018

''I just wanted to email quickly and say thanks very much not only over the past couple of months with AAA but also having past F8 and P1 with you also.

Absolutely delighted this morning with 72% in AAA. Done and dusted with the exams now.

Your teaching techniques are undoubtably the reason I passed my exams comfortably over the past few sittings. You provide such dedication to all your students consistently and you personally were a major drawback after I moved on to every ACCA exam for this reason. (I would have sat advanced tax if you were teaching it)!!

I feel you have the art of passing any of the ACCA exams down to a fine tee. I always listened to your advice during the lectures and took any of your valuable feedback on board whenever you had given it and use it going forward. You really broke down the content and made it so coherent and manageable.

The lectures were great also, because I honestly never minded going down to your lectures either in the evening or over the weekends as you kept them interesting, while having a fixated view on exam technique and answering questions.

From what I had learnt in F8, I brought forward to the professional exams and thankfully never had to repeat any of my exams as a result.

Going forward, I will 100% be recommending PAT to any potential ACCA students I am speaking to and speaking of the dedication you provide to students trying to pass their exams.

I wish PAT and yourself the very best for the future.

Again, thanks for everything''.

Niall Smith, December 2018


''Hi PAT Team,

Just passing to thank you guys for the support given to me to achieve a successful SBL result.

Especially, Terry who is an incredible lecturer and equipped us very well (students) in such a short period to prepare for this exam. Definitely, your approach to revision really helped by doing mocks and to receive personal feedbacks

It was my last exam. So, I am delighted that I am done with all ACCA exams. But I will be recommending your College every time I have an opportunity.

Taking this opportunity to wish your College all the best and success 

Best wishes''.

Jocilene Reis – December 2018